Monday, January 23, 2012


Acrylic on 12x9 Gallery Wrap Canvas

This is Kurt at the wedding we were at this summer. He didn't know someone was taking a picture at the time so he has this thoughtful expression that I don't see often in pictures. I love painting portraits, of course there's nothing easy about painting a person, I just love trying to capture the expressions.


  1. You most certainly caught that thoughtful expression, Karen! The eyes are wonderful, your placement of him on your canvas is perfect, and I love those cool shadows on his face and collar. Very nice painting!

  2. Beautiful portrait Karen!! I agree with everything Liz has said.The way you've captured his expression is amazing!

  3. Thank you Liz and Azra! Portraits are so tough to get the likeness but they are so satisfying when you do!

  4. I agree with the ladies above, Karen. This is a wonderful portrait! So striking and dramatic - I really love the play of light and shadow that you captured so beautifully.


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