Friday, March 16, 2012

Dashing Gabriel

Oil on 12x9 Gallery Wrap Canvas 

 Didn't get to paint a lot this week but I did go to my class in Milwaukee on Wednesday and enjoyed it so much! This is Gabriel, my nephew, I had promised my mom that I would do a portrait of him for her.  He has this cute little mischievous smile in this picture and that is so him!


  1. Gabriel is such a handsome little guy! I think I remember you painting him before? He is a fun model! You did an excellent job, Karen. Your mom is going to LOVE this! Great work!

  2. Brilliant job Karen!! That cheeky expression is adorable and you've captured his character so well!

  3. You really captured a wonderful expression. Really nice painting Karen.

  4. Oh this is so lovely, such a cute little face , and gorgeous expression!


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