Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yellow Field

Oil on 8x8 Gallery wrap canvas 

A friend of mine lives in Germany and took this picture. The red roofs are so typical of Europe. I thought the spring yellow flowers in the field looked so striking next to the grass field!


  1. I love the red roofs! And your composition is very striking. Beautiful painting, Karen!

  2. Your paintings are becoming instantly recognizable! I love the colours you use and the sparing use of detail makes each one so beautiful!!
    Which do you prefer oils or acrylics?would you go back to acrylics?

    1. Thank you Azra! I'm pretty sure I will stick with oils although I'm still getting used to the drying time. I find that it takes more planning so that I don't get myself in trouble or I end up wiping some paint! I think oils have a shine to it that acrylics did not give me. How about you? Looks like you've done only oils lately as well?

    2. Actually I hav'nt used acrylics since and I don't feel the need to.You're right, oils do have a shine and they move like a dream so I find I can paint much faster.

  3. Oh yes this is such a typical summer scene , the yellow corn against the blue sky, and wonderful here with the red roofs, lovely summery light altogether !


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