Friday, October 19, 2012


Oil on 8x8 Wrap canvas
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I've done apples and oranges, it stands to reason that the next one would be lemons!  The folds going down from the table were giving me issues this morning...I had to start over which I really don't like to do!  Well, I guess not many artists like to start over....that's brings up a question for my fellow artists:  how often do you find yourself wiping the whole canvas and starting over?  I have to remind myself not to get too attached to a painting and that's it's ok to wipe it sometimes..


  1. Oh, yes. I wipe or scrape. Especially when getting the shape of a lemon. You did a great job on those lemons. And folds are just plain hard to do. Good job.

  2. Love the lemons and colour harmony with the lavenders and blues!
    Yes,I scrape too,but not too often.Oils are great because you can scrape and change direction or start again.

  3. You did a great job on the folds, Karen. And on the lemons, too. Very nicely painted!

    For the record, I scrape a lot of my paintings. Sometimes, just an area...and sometimes, the entire painting. If all else fails, I wipe everything down and start over. Keep doing what feels right to you, because it's working! Your paintings are beautiful!

  4. Oh yes the dreaded WIPE down. So do not like to do that and waste all of that precious paint! I seldom do it because of this and I'm kind of ...stubborn. Just the other day I found myself so frustrated with a painting I had been reworking to death that I finally gave up and came to my senses. Ahhhhh... such a great feeling too once it's done. Yes I would recommend the dreaded wipe off if you feel in your gut you're going in the wrong direction. Just give in to it- your painting will be all the better for it:) By the way this one turned out beautifully Karen!


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