Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 30 and Final! Annecy River and Taylor

Oil on Paper - Approximately 9x12

I'm so glad this is the final day of the challenge. I'm also so happy that I did 30 paintings in 30 days, wow, what a challenge (for me anyway). I did like the fact that I painted a lot more than I would in a normal month. The thought of having to post a painting for each day was so nerve racking that I didn't want to get too much behind or it would have been impossible to catch up. I even painted when I was sick...that tells you something! What I found most challenging was to have a final "as good as it gets" painting every day. I would normally take a couple of days to think about anything I wanted to change in a painting before I would call it final. To get through that, I decided to take the pressure off after a couple of weeks and started painting on paper. That meant two things: first, I wasn't going to sell it so I was free to experiment, not take it so seriously and have fun; second, I wasn't wasting a canvas so who cares if it's not a masterpiece? The next day would be better!

This painting is from a picture my sister took in Annecy, France a couple of year ago. I've been meaning to paint it for ever! I also tweaked the painting of Taylor a little bit, see below.


  1. Beautiful again. Such a strong composition. Compliments on finishing a great challenge.

  2. I love the sunlight you captured in both of these, Karen. Both are lovely! And congratulations on completing the challenge! Well done!

  3. Wonderful play of sunlight and reflections,both paintings are beautiful,I love your brushwork!! Congratulations on completing the challenge,you've done amazingly well!!

  4. Congratulations! The "Challenge" was quite a challenge! I wasn't able, timewise, to keep up with many of the artists that participated, so am looking forward to visiting many of the blogs now. I love your work....painting studies on paper is a great idea.


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