Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Sunny Bike Ride

  Oil on 12x12 wrapped canvas

 The kids' school canceled today as we're getting freezing rain! I took that time to finish a painting I started in my painting class last night. A nice bike ride down the road in Belgium in what looks like a beautiful sunny day!


  1. Karen, the color in this painting is wonderful...such a large bit of yellow yet it is interesting with the variations of hue. Also, the riders are so convincing. Your impressionistic rendering is easily seen for what it is. It is amazing to me how the viewer of a painting has a brain that puts the finishing details on what is seen. ( They say that people also see words and not letters when reading something)

  2. Lots of light and great shadows in this wonderful painting!! Love the impressionistic brushwork,lots of movement !!

  3. Great job.......especially during freezing rain. Love the colors and the verticals.....


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