Friday, March 21, 2014

Cast Drawing and other Academy works

Charcoal on Canson Mi-teintes paper - Approximate size 20x16
This has been a long process!  I started this cast drawing at the Academy in mid October and it has finally been approved!  I will be moving on to grey paper in life figure classes and painting soon after.... a long process but so worth it!
Below are some other works from the Academy in the past few weeks:
Charcoal - 24x18
 Charcoal - 24x18

Graphite - 9x12

Charcoal - 24x18


  1. These are all so beautiful, Karen. I feel like I can reach out and touch them. These pieces are priceless. Well done, my very talented friend!

  2. WOW!! The caste drawing is stunning, well worth the time spent on it! All your work looks very accomplished!

    1. Thanks Azra, it took a long time but as you said, well worth it!


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