Thursday, March 14, 2013

Artichokes and a Lemon

 Oil on 6x6 wrap canvas 
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I was going to go to school today but ended up staying home with my son who is not feeling 100%. No big deal, I took out some artichokes and a lemon out of the refrigerator and made it a still life!


  1. Nice job and good mom! I love especially the lemon. I can feel the form as well as see it.

  2. Well done, Karen! I love your colors and reflections on the table. A great combo!!

  3. Great choice of colours ,that lemon glows! The artichokes are a nice compliment in colours and texture! I hope your son feels better soon.

  4. And a beautiful painting it is, Karen! I agree with the ladies above. You chose a winning combination here! Well done!

    P.S. I hope your little guy is feeling better soon!

  5. Wonderful composition and colors.


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