Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Master Painting and Academy Figure and Sculpture

Oil on 9x8 Canvas Paper 

I have decided to post some of my work from the Academy below.  It's been a busy 1st quarter and I'm really enjoying it!  We've done sculpture, watercolor, graphite and a few charcoal life figure drawings.  Still a long way to go but I feel like I'm learning so much!

Sculpture - about 20x15

Watercolor - 11x14

 Graphite - 9x12

Charcoal - 18x24

Charcoal - 18x24


  1. Good work Karen. Keep it up!
    Love the back on that sculpture.....

  2. The master painting is brilliant Karen, I think you nailed the challenge!
    Your life drawings and sculpture are looking great too, I am so envious, I would love to have some lessons. : )

  3. Karen, everything is wonderful!....great work!!!

  4. All of your work looks so awesome, Karen! I especially love your sculpture. I think you have found a new niche, girl! Keep up the great work!!!


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