Monday, October 14, 2013

Up North

Oil on 8x10 Wrap Canvas

Everyone talks about going "Up North" around here.  A lot of people have cottages and go there over the weekend.  We wanted to know what that was all about and went a few weeks ago.  I took this picture on one of our hikes, the leaves were changing and the colors were just so pretty, definitely a beautiful area of Wisconsin, I'm sure we'll go back!


  1. Great fall colors. Nice painting for sure!

  2. This is a beautiful painting, Karen. Mark and I have always wanted to visit Door County during the fall. Wisconsin must be so pretty this time of year. Happy painting!

  3. Beautifully painting Karen, there is wonderful movement in the branches and the sunlight and shadows on the path!!

  4. It's a beautiful painting Karen, I love the shadows and the trees. Well done!


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