Sunday, April 13, 2014

Portrait of Colette (updated) and studio pictures

I made some changes to the background as I thought it was way too dark before.  I also made minor changes in the face.
Below are some pictures of my studio.  I put a table and chair in the corner and I really like the addition!  My space is in the basement and I love the fact that I have that room all to myself!  The only part that I struggle with sometimes is that when it is sunny, I have a hard time with the glare on my canvas.
I would love to know where you paint and what you would do to make it better?


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Portrait of Colette

Oil on 20x16 canvas paper
My mom came to visit for a week and agreed to pose for me to practice painting a portrait from life.  We had a great time, did a lot of talking (except when I was working on her mouth!), took breaks for tea and ended up with a pretty nice portrait at the end and she thinks it looks like her!  A success!
This took about 4 days of about 2 hours of sitting each day.  I then worked more on the background today once she was gone.

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