Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Little of this, little of that

Acrylic on 8x8 Gallery Wrap Canvas
First, I'm happy to report that after searching long and hard around here for a painting class, I have finally found one! I went to Milwaukee today to participate in a class with James Hempel and I really enjoyed the class and the people. I will definitely go back. This is the painting I worked on today from Cezanne.

Acrylic on 12x16 Gallery Wrap Canvas

I've been struggling this past week with what to paint and I came across a landscape book which is where I got this painting from. Any practice is good practice!

I've been doing a lot of reading lately just trying to figure out this art thing and one thing that keeps coming back up constantly, well actually two things: practice, practice, practice and draw, draw, draw. I was inspired by Azra's post the other day mentioning a very talented artist Adebanji Alade and I decided to start doing a lot more sketching.


  1. Wow, Karen! These are all so wonderful! Cezanne is one of my favorites, so I especially love the still life. The landscape is great, too. And both paintings feel so harmonious. Well done!

    Keeping a sketchbook is such a wonderful idea, and you are off to a fabulous beginning. These are all terrific! I am inspired by both you and Azra!

    I am also excited by your new class. You'll have to keep us posted on what all you're working on, okay? How fun!

  2. These are both wonderful Karen!! The sketches are great too and I'm so glad that you got some inspiration from Adebanji,he is so passionate about sketching!

  3. Good progess in you work. You know I really do love "Cezanne" witch is one of my favorit painter. You've done a wonderfull job painting Cezanne's way. Happy to see someone as "passionnated" as me.
    Bye, Sam.

  4. Wow! I really like it when you post your paintings. I see every new post because I subscribe to your blog on Google Reader. I'm really, really happy you found such expression in painting! I'm proud to have such a talented sister!! : )

  5. Thanks Eric, glad to see you're keeping up with my blog! :)


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