Sunday, March 25, 2012


Oil on 8x10 Gallery wrap Canvas
 To purchase this painting, please visit my Gallery 

I find that I alternate between landscapes and then a portrait. Portraits are so draining that I like alternating a few landscapes in between. This is from a picture taken a couple years ago when we still lived in North Carolina. I loved the calm water on the pond and the reflection of the trees. A storm was coming so the colors just popped out.


  1. The reflections on the pond are beautiful and the landscape looks so peaceful!! Love the brushwork too.

  2. So pretty! Love the reflections! I hope you're having a great weekend, Karen! :)

  3. The reflections are so pretty. Also really like the overall composition. Keeps the eye moving from the foreground and around to the distance.

  4. The colors are so pretty and the reflections on the pond are amazing.
    You just want to bring your rocking chair and spend the afternoon there ( before the storm ! )


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