Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lone Tree and sketches

Oil on 8x8 Gallery wrap canvas
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I've been working on a large commission this past week which is very exciting and haven't had the time to paint so I painted this lone tree this felt good to get away from the Eiffel Tower for a little bit! Below are some sketches I did of the Eiffel Tower in preparation for the large painting.


  1. Love the lone tree and the sketches look fantastic and I can't wait for the finished painting!!

  2. Hi Karen,I love the simplicity and the serene atmosphere in your above painting.The sketches look absolutely stunning and hope the painting turns out as good.Good luck!

  3. Karen, your sketches are fabulous! I love both of your compositions, and oh my, so well done! And I love your lone tree painting, too. So soft and impressionistic. Great work, girl!

  4. The composition for the lonely tree is very powerful Karen, lovely work on that.. the sketches have amazing clarity.. neat Job!


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