Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Colors

Oil on 9x12 Wrap Canvas

There's a bridge I go over a few times a week and it's been so beautiful lately with the gray skies and the fall colors on the trees!  The other day, I went over it and was amazed at the reflections in the water and the unusually calm water...it almost looked like it sparkled!  The sky was again a gray backdrop but there was a break in the clouds and this little strip of cerulean blue sky peeking through.  I just had to paint it.  This is also my submission to this week's DailyPaintworks challenge as it is about painting water!


  1. This painting has all the best parts of fall. Those trees are outstanding. And I love the reflections. It's a yes........

  2. This is a beautiful entry for the challenge, the colours glow and the reflections are just amazing!!

  3. Yes, I love the color cerulean blue and I like the way you used it for the sky and the lovely accent of a boat. Gorgeous fall tree colors also !!!

  4. I so agree! The reflection of the sky and the boats... Beautiful!


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