Monday, January 30, 2012


Acrylic on 30x30 Gallery Wrap Canvas 

I sometimes see a painting from either a famous painter or in a house design magazine that catches my attention and it makes me want to reproduce it to have for me.  This is one of those paintings that I saw in a magazine and just had to have it.   I don't know who the original artist was so I can't give the credit where it's due but I have to say that it really speaks to me.


  1. An abstract with meaning,texture and a lovely colour scheme!

    I also love your new profile photo and blog background!

  2. This is a wonderful example of less is more, isn't it? I see why you were drawn to the image. I love it, too. Well done!

  3. I love the simple approach to this abstract creation.. it is as if the couple is looking in to what is in store for their future! Lovely Karen!

  4. Love it Karen! I've been playing with different styles, too~ it's fun!

  5. This painting caught my eye, I love how it says so much and yet seems so deceivingly simple.


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