Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lavender in Provence I

Acrylic on 8x8 Gallery Wrap Canvas
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We were in Provence this summer for my step-sister's wedding and I made my family take many detours to find the lavender fields. At first, we saw only little trickles of them and then we came upon this road where lavender fields were all around us. We stopped the cars and took pictures and let the kids run in the fields. It smelled so good and it was such a beautiful sight, I'll never forget it. This painting is from one of the pictures I took, I'll have a few more coming hopefully!


  1. This is beautiful!! The whole composition is wonderful and would look great as a large painting as well!

  2. I hope to see those lavender fields some day, Karen. What a wonderful trip and experience! Lovely painting, too!

  3. Very nice painting, Karen! I too, hope to someday see those lavender fields! I may have to settle for a Texas version!

  4. Beautiful colors and a wonderful representation of Provence wonders.


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