Thursday, June 14, 2012

Grand Hotel


 Oil on 8x10 Gallery wrap canvas 

This is another painting from St. Remy in Provence.  The hotel which is called Chateau des Alpilles is beautiful and I loved the sun coming through the gigantic trees and making all these shadows on the ground and on the front of the hotel.  It's a very old grand house with tall doors and beautiful interiors.  In the evening, they set up tables and chairs right in the front courtyard and serve dinner.


  1. I love the dappled sunlight you pretty! Beautiful painting, Karen!

  2. Oh, St. Remy . . . one of my favorite places! You did a great job depicting the light. Lovely painting!

  3. Love all that flimmering light that leads to the hotel, excellently captured, beautiful painting of a beautiful place !

  4. The dappled light is great! Love the Chateau!

  5. So Beautiful Karen! This effect of light and shade with a geometric effect gives an atmosphere of warmth by a summer day. Bravo!


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