Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 11 - Lemons!

Oil on 6x6 wrap canvas

I'm finally feeling almost back to normal. It was a pretty bad cold...haven't had a fever in years! I got to the studio late today so it was dark outside and I had the hardest time seeing the colors on my palette! It's really hard to adjust your eyes to painting at night and I'm just wondering what some of you do when you paint at night?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and thank you for all of you taking time to comment, I really love hearing what you have to say and knowing that we're all painting and in this together!


  1. These lemons glow from within. So pretty, Karen! I'm glad you're on the mend. :)

    I struggle with painting at night, too. I have two identical lights. One for my palette and one for my still life box. That seems to help, but there are glare issues. Looking forward to reading the helpful hints from others!

  2. This is your best so far Karen!!
    Painting at night is a mission.I find I just don't see the full range of colours that are there in daylight.I don't have a studio so I can't play around with strong lights with family around.What I end up doing is finishing off in daylight which isn't easy either because the highlights and shadows are different in daylight. Its a difficult one!!


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