Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 16 - Hand

Oil on 6x6 wrap canvas
Click here to purchase this painting

I never thought how hard it would be to hold my hand out and paint it.  It seemed easy enough when I started yesterday but after half an hour of having my hand extended to the side and not able to move it, it got very tiring!  I've been wanting to do some studies of flesh so I started with a hand and may do a few more...

We're over the hump of this 30 day challenge!  It's been great so far, tough but so glad I've stuck with it.  Definitely forces me to get down to my studio and paint something and not wait for extreme inspiration to hit me.


  1. Ok, I may borrow this idea - I have drawn my hand, not good at hands. Yours is great - the color you used is perfect!

  2. Oh Karen, that looks really difficult. I think 30 minutes is a great achievement. Very nice hand. I would love to see another one and observe where this exercise goes.........
    And yes, we are over the hump.

  3. Wow, Karen! You don't shy away from a challenge, girl. Great work! Looking forward to seeing more!


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